Dariana Granados, Accounting

Dariana Grandos
Dariana Granados

Just 20 years old, Dariana Granados will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in May as the first person in her family to earn a degree in the United States. A native of Colombia, Granados moved to the U.S. at 13 and graduated high school at 16; her first few college classes convinced her to pursue a career in business.

Faculty, her peers, and mentors at USF pushed her to overcome all challenges and she has taken every opportunity at the Muma College of Business to become a well-rounded leader. She volunteered to be the fundraising director for the International Student Association and is a peer leader of the Corporate Mentor Program. She has also served as the chief executive of national reporting for the national accounting honors fraternity Beta Alpha Psi, as president of the Accounting Society at USF and a campus ambassador for the FICPA and Becker.

“But, my journey goes beyond my involvement in school,” she says. “Gaining professional experience to acquire technical skills and develop myself professionally has always been a priority.”

While attending school full time, she landed five internships including an Audit and Assurance internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers and with Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Controllers. She is the recipient of several scholarships including the Lynn Pippenger Scholarship, the Ralph J. Poe, CPA Accounting Scholarship and the FICPA Scholarship.

Granados is studying for the Certified Public Accountant exam and will move to New York City this summer, where she will attend New York University’s Master of Science in Accounting program.

55 Replies to “Dariana Granados, Accounting”

  1. Es la mejor manera como los jóvenes que quieren salir adelante y tienen claro su futuro Se les impulsa a seguir luchando por esos sueños y metas que saben que pueden lograr y más cuando su anhelo a lograr llenar de conocimientos y experiencias su vida se merecen todo el apoyo en el impulso de ser ellos unos grandes en su profesión.. apoyo total a esta clase de jóvenes que desean sobre salir ante los demás y en países que no son su origen pero los apoyan he impulsan a ser cada día mejor y representar de la mejor manera el país que los acoje….millones de bendiciones y sabiduría para esta joven

  2. Apoyo a Dariana, porque merece esa oportunidad que brinda la Universidad para que los estudiantes destacados tengan un buen incentivo para salir adelante en su carrera.

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