Pankti Mehta, Finance

Pankti Mehta
Pankti Mehta

Pankti Mehta is a senior finance major with a minor in computer science. Her diverse range of skills include research in Neuro-Machine Interaction along with Big Data Analytics and a publication in CSCW ’19 through the Association for Computing Machinery. Along with academic and research success, Mehta has a passion for leadership.

Mehta first discovered her leadership abilities through her role as an International Student Orientation Leader. In that role Mehta led a group of 15 international students from across the world as they made their transition to life at USF.  Mehta feels strongly about committing to the community, she volunteers on the Student Government Advisory Board, the Stampede of Service, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal, Hindu Student Council, JPMorgan Code for Good Hackathon, and Society of Women Engineers – Expo Committee.

Mehta worked in a group of four women to uncover statistics about waste produced in the dining halls on campus and sought out to improve numbers by proposing sustainability initiatives.

Despite the time commitment that these extra-curriculars require, Mehta has managed to maintain an impressive GPA as a member of the USF Honors College, as well as receiving a Global Citizen Award, Peace Corps Prep Award, Computing Research Association- Women Grace Hopper Celebration Research Scholar, Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship, and the USF Directors Award.

Mehta has accepted a full-time offer to serve as a corporate analyst from JPMorgan, a job that includes opportunities to participant in a two-year rotational program that will prepare her for a management position.

70 Replies to “Pankti Mehta, Finance”

  1. I know Pankti since her childhood – she is an independent, self-reliant go-getter. She can lead a diverse group of people and align them to common goal.

  2. Pankti, Congratulations and wish you all the best. You make us proud.
    Pannaauntie and Surendrauncle.

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