Robert Schuster, MBA and MS in Sport and Entertainment Management

Robert Schuster
Robert Schuster

For Robert Schuster, every day is game day.  That’s because the alumnus, who is also a student in the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management program earning an MBA and an MS in Sport and Entertainment, has been preparing himself for a business career in the sports industry. 

His first step into the proverbial arena came with a marketing internship at NuBoard Media Group, where he helps with sponsorship sales and fan-centric promotions for professional, college, and minor league sports teams, including the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Cavaliers and Tampa Bay Lightning.  During breaks, Schuster served as a GameDay Operations Assistant for Football University, a program that helps showcase young talent. And when the SuperBowl was held in Tampa this year, Schuster served as a captain for the community ambassador committee.

Now, as a graduate student, Schuster works part-time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, staffing the organization’s Ford F-150 Hall of Fame Club and supporting the member relations team.  He also works part-time at OrangeTheory Fitness, serving in a sales and member relations role. 

On campus, he is president of the Sports and Entertainment Management Association. His current activities are impressive but being involved in many organizations, often in leadership roles, is not new to Schuster.  As an undergraduate student, Schuster served as an sports marketing intern for USF Athletics, handling a myriad of gameday promotions and fan-interaction tasks.  He was also a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity.  He was named Mentor of the Year for the Bulls Business Community in 2017. 

14 Replies to “Robert Schuster, MBA and MS in Sport and Entertainment Management”

  1. Robert is a dynamic young man with a true passion for the sports world. His personal drive for success is contagious to those who work along side this motivated student!

  2. Bobby is one the most well rounded people I know! There is no doubt in my mind that he will make the entire bulls community proud in the rest of his endeavors!

  3. Every day being game day, is nothing but the truth for Robert. It’s a no brainer selection.

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