Lukas Oest, Marketing

Lukas Oest
Lukas Oest

Lukas Oest came from Germany when he was 16 years old and learned quickly what it is like to change cultures. Over the past eight years – the majority of which he has spent at USF as an undergraduate and now a master’s degree in marketing candidate – Oest came to understand the importance of relationships and serving the institution that gives him the opportunity for an education.

“Sometimes,” he says, “we as individuals are impacted for decades through the relationships we develop, the resources we expose ourselves to, the causes we decide to invest our energy in, and the organizations that help us frame our ambitions.”

Now a graduate student, Oest earned a USF bachelor’s degree in marketing, graduating cum laude, in May 2019.  Oest was named the spring 2019 Outstanding Graduate on the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus, where the then-undergraduate student was recognized in the 2019 Believe in Bulls publication.

Today, Oest is pursuing a master’s degree in marketing, focusing on digital marketing analytics. He serves as a graduate assistant but that is not his first job.

He worked in the marketing department at Florida Worldwide Citrus in Bradenton between 2019 and 2020, supporting the company’s marketing efforts and developing a branding strategy. There, he assisted in establishing business relationships with Germany, a key target market.

As a grad student, Oest remains involved on campus.  He is a member of the Order of the Golden Brahman, the USF American Marketing Association and he participates in the Graduate Mentorship Program.

26 Replies to “Lukas Oest, Marketing”

    1. As his high school principal, I saw that he would be a man of perseverance like no other. I am not surprised at all about the recognition he continues to receive.

  1. Lukas is an outstanding man, a good man and worthy of this most prestigious award.
    I have watched him since he was 16 years old making one right decision after another. I don’t doubt he will continue making the right decisions. His compass is on the perfect path. He is guided from above.

  2. I went to church with Lukas and I got to watch him grow through high school and I think he is such a wonderful accomplished Godly person. I think he’s going to go very far and I’m very proud of what he’s done. It’s been a privilege to see him thrive.

  3. I have heard wonderful things about Lukas Oest. Somehow he finds people to guide him who are extraordinary themselves. I know one of these people. Her name is Candi Williams.

  4. Lucas is a colleague who made me feel welcome at USFSM when I was a stranger. I could depend on the smallest of acts like his smile and enthusiasm at passing in the hallways for consistent encouragement. Over the years, I have enjoyed seeing his leadership in the USF community and beyond. Now two years after graduating, I am still excited for updates on this young man’s motivating and courageous journey. Lucas’ prestige would no doubt bring honor to this award.

  5. From what I know about Lukas he has proven to be a remarkable man and whatever he sets his mind to he will go through great lengths to get there. Proud of the man he is becoming.

  6. Lukas is outstanding in all he decides to pursue. He has an unbelievable work ethic but an even bigger heart for people. Lukas has a natural leadership ability and rises to the top even though he is very humble and kind. He is definitely deserving of this recognition!

  7. Lucas was a former student of mine. Very intelligent, motivated young man , even in high school.

  8. Lukas is a model citizen, a hard worker, and is not afraid to venture out of his comfort zone to achieve his goals. I am extremely proud to call Lukas friend.

  9. Lukas is a man on a mission. He desires to be the best in his field and always treat others with kindness and respect. He is the most deserving of this award.

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