Alexis Ofstein, Personal Financial Planning

Alexis Ofstein has always had a knack for using her business skills to make another person’s life easier.

During an entrepreneurship class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she started Pure Serenity, a company that sold essential oil-infused bracelets to help her fellow classmates and the community relieve stress and cope with trauma.

Also in high school, she helped foster teens sharpen their financial literacy skills and apply for jobs. These early introductions to entrepreneurship, fiscal responsibility, and operating a business fueled Ofstein’s goal to become a certified financial planner.

As a third-year personal financial planning student, Ofstein is continuing to share her savvy sense for dollars and cents through her leadership positions and community service activities. She served as vice president of finance with her sorority Sigma Delta Tau and helped her sorority sisters increase their financial literacy and taught them the importance of building credit. She also helped with resume preparation.

More recently, Ofstein joined Phi Chi Theta where she now serves as vice president of finance.

Ofstein is an intern at the USF Federal Credit Union where she assists credit union members with products and services and processes deposits, withdrawals, and loan payments. She said the internship has helped her be more confident in sharing her financial knowledge.

“This internship has brought me out of my shell and made me more comfortable and knowledgeable in this field that I want to continue through school and beyond,” she said.

She says she thinks back to her high school days of helping others by sharing her financial know-how and believes personal financial planning has always been her calling.

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