Sydney Marshall, Business Analytics and Information Systems and Biology

Sydney Marshall arrived at the University of South Florida as an “extremely intimidated” first-generation international student from Trinidad and Tobago.

She eventually overcame those first-year college jitters by taking on leadership roles and getting more involved in campus life. Marshall is pursuing dual degrees – a bachelor’s in Business Analytics and Information Systems and a bachelor’s in Biology.

Marshall took on several leadership roles on the Caribbean Cultural Exchange, an organization that promotes cultural awareness of the people of the Caribbean. She was the group’s historian and now serves as its treasurer and accountable officer.

In 2020, she started a student instructional and learning assistant job that sparked her continuing love for mentoring. The position was supposed to be a one-semester commitment but she kept going back. The opportunity turned into a two-year role that she relishes.

As a mentor and guide to hundreds of students, Marshall coordinates biweekly tutoring sessions for more than 400 students and facilitates and manages small group discussions between more than 50 students in the classroom. The role has been the perfect mix of leadership and mentorship.

“Whether it’s teaching course content or connecting my students to resources on campus, being a student learning assistant has been incredibly fulfilling,” she said. 

Aside from mentoring, she finds time to nurture her interest in analytics and biology. She started her first independent research project on the effects of opioid abuse in justice-affected youth.

This summer she is starting an internship as a Summer Analyst at BNP Paribas CIB in Jersey City.

16 Replies to “Sydney Marshall, Business Analytics and Information Systems and Biology”

  1. A good role..model and exemplar for young people not just in the Caribbean but around the world. Very positive and confident young woman.

  2. Sydney is indeed an industrious young woman with great leadership potential matched only by her warm personality.

    We confidently anticipate high academic achievements and career success from Sydney.

  3. Her love for others and her desire to be instrumental in bringing out the best in them are true signs of a servant leader. A selfless, dynamic team player, Sydney honors her roots and is determined to be the best she can be while bringing out the best in others.

  4. Sydney wears many hats with perfection. She is a born leader who excels in every aspect of her school life.

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