Alia Abushkheidem, Finance

“One thing leads to another” is an idiom that explains how little moments lead to bigger ones. For Alia Abushkheidem, the “one thing” was the Bulls Business Community, an invitation-only program for high-achieving incoming freshmen. That led her to an internship with WUSF radio’s operations area. Next up was an opportunity to participate in the Student Managed Investment Fund, where she pitched stocks to industry leaders. That led to a corporate finance internship at Raymond James.

Abushkheidem also joined the Corporate Mentor Program, which pairs first-generation students with a business community mentor.  That mentor led her to an internship at Citi. During that summer finance internship at Citi, she recalls a conversation where another mentor asked her to identify a subject that she wished she knew more about. Abushkheidem said that for her, the subject was economics. This conversation led her to take a course in price theory, which led her to a new mentorship with an inspiring economics professor.  The result: Abushkheidem, still an undergraduate, enrolled in a graduate course focusing on antitrust and regulation. 

She will graduate in May with a degree in finance, a minor in economics, and a full-time job as a finance analyst. Because one thing leads to another, Abushkheidem also plans to also start a master’s program focusing on finance and economics.

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