Kaylynn Kennedy, Business Advertising

Kaylynn Kennedy has poured her heart and soul into academia and professional development during four jam-packed years at USF.

The business advertising major will graduate in May with a resume full of professional experience. She’s had three internships in as many years. Each one gave her a real-world look into the marketing industry and helped her narrow her career interests.

Her first internship as a communications intern with the Muma College of Business taught her not to underestimate herself. She successfully executed a $14,000 promotional project.

Her second internship with Green Market Cafe taught her the importance of audience segmentation and sharpened her copywriting skills. She oversaw all the marketing emails.

Her third internship with Yacht Starship let her explore the different facets of the marketing field, from graphic design to newsletter creation to market research.

All three internships, along with advice from her mentors in the Corporate Mentor Program, helped grow her confidence and marketing skillset.

Outside of internships, Kennedy has been involved with USF Debate. She has won two national debate competitions and will compete in the PNW Conference of Scholars in Washington this April. 

Kennedy is part of the Zimmerman Advertising Program, too. ZAP allows students to pursue advertising as business majors by taking business core courses as well as higher-level advertising courses. The program’s required study-abroad trip brought her to London in 2019 which “opened her eyes to the world and allowed her to recognize the value of independence.” 

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