Cindy Montalvo, Business Analytics and Information Systems

As a survivor of abuse, Cindy Montalvo knows first-hand the sacrifices her mom has made. As a Brazilian immigrant in America, her mom was able to remove them from an unsafe environment and work hard to give Cindy a better life, even managing to become Disney World Passholders for over a decade.

Her mom’s dedication inspired Montalvo to take on more leadership roles and ultimately led her to enroll at the University of South Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In her short time at USF, Montalvo has joined many campus organizations that have allowed her to empower women, promote diversity, and help those around her. She is co-president of the Women in Business Society, the marketing chair of the Latin American Student Association, and serves as a Resident Assistant committed to creating a safe and assistive space for her peers.

Now a senior majoring in business analytics and information systems with a concentration in cybersecurity, Montalvo has come full-circle from her traumatic past. She was accepted into the 2022-2023 Disney College Program, a competitive national internship program at the happiest place on Earth.

“The Disney College Program will allow me to work at a place where my mom and I were always able to enjoy the magic of the rides and characters during our hardest times. I will be able to use my business analytic skills to make an impact with a company that has brought much joy to my life,” she said.

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