Gregory Harvey, Business Analytics & Information Systems

Gregory Harvey, a Judy Genshaft Honors College student, has maintained a record of high academic achievement while involving himself with numerous extracurriculars.  

He is a gifted musician who has performed with numerous ensembles at USF. Harvey was part of the Herd of Thunder Marching Band for two seasons, serving as Mellophone Section Leader in one of them. He also has played in the Rumble Pep Band and USF’s Symphony Orchestra. The director of bands uses words such as tenacious and driven to describe Harvey.  

Harvey is also president of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity, leading and participating in many community outreach events benefiting kids, seniors, and cancer patients through music.  

As passionate as he is about music, Harvey is equally passionate about sports analytics. He previously worked with Fifth Quarter, Inc., as a content creator. His visualizations were shared by top analysts at Sports Illustrated and ESPN and he also authored 20+ sports research articles. He currently serves as a data tracking manager and content creator for USF’s baseball team. 

Harvey also currently works with Baseball Cloud, a firm that uses data and analytics to increase opportunities for young athletes. The developing company needed an intern to help build its online brand and with sports research. They offered Harvey the job on the spot, an atypical practice for coveted sports analytics internships. Harvey excelled and was soon hired to stay on part-time. He has been credited with helping the company grow its online following ten-fold during his tenure with the company. 

12 Replies to “Gregory Harvey, Business Analytics & Information Systems”

  1. Greg is hard working, leader, smart, competitive and very well rounded. He is an incredible Bull with lots of school spirit and pride.

  2. Gregory is most deserving of this honor!
    He’s a dedicated, talented , and passionate young man.

  3. Greg is the president of our fraternity and it has been a privilege to learn from his leadership. His dedication is inspiring, and I have no doubt he will do amazing things!

  4. Greg is a FANTASTIC person of great moral character and always does his best to help others and the world around him.

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