Jared Krachenfels, BAIS and Econometrics and Quantitative Economics

Jared Krachenfels promised himself that he would make the most of his time while attending USF. With a few weeks from graduation, he is on track to not only meet, but exceed that pledge. 

Krachenfels is an honors student pursuing dual degrees — a bachelor’s degree in business analytics and information systems and a bachelor’s degree in econometrics and quantitative economics. 

He has served as vice president of professional activities of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity, where he led events including presentations from blue-chip industry leaders, resume/interview workshops, and major-specific networking opportunities. This experience and the relationships formed with DSP brothers has expanded his realm of career opportunities and goals. 

For three summers, Krachenfels interned at Life’s Abundance in West Palm Beach, Florida. He worked in marketing, in research and project management, and as an operations and information systems analyst intern. The varied experiences gave him an insider’s view of what it takes to scale a private, employee-owned business into a sizeable organization. The mentoring he received from senior managers opened his eyes to “ethical management.”  

One of his proudest moments was facilitating the standardization of warehouse processes using data analytical skills. “What seemed like a collection of trivial changes to the warehouse process ended up delivering a highly effective, adaptable, and cost-saving solution,” he said.  

During his senior year at USF, he joined the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement’s Bulls Service Break and led a student service team at Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina. 

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