Carter Bedinghaus, Marketing

Carter Bedinghaus joined Student Government and became an orientation team leader for the Sarasota-Manatee campus shortly after his first year of college. Today, some might call him the face of that campus’ student body.

Bedinghaus was elected president of the Student Government Senate during his sophomore year.  As president, he oversaw 15 elected senators and managed the group’s distribution of $1.5 million to student organizations. Additionally, Bedinghaus was selected to represent USF at the National Student Leadership Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, participated in USF Day at the Capitol, and was inducted into the Order of the Golden Brahman society. 

A Student Government advisor pointed out that Bedinghaus’ service was in challenging times, during USF’s consolidation of three campuses, a pandemic, and a budget crisis. Pointing out that turnover has long been an issue in the Senate, the advisor also notes that while Bedinghaus was the president, turnover amongst student leaders dropped to zero, crediting the young leader’s communications and problem-solving skills, contagious enthusiasm, and determination. 

Student Government is not the only organization benefitting from these traits. Bedinghaus also serves as a USF Ambassador, is the president of the Adventure Club, and helped plan USF’s TEDx program.

The marketing major aspires to become a dentist. He joined USF’s Pre-Dental Club and is now the group’s president. Bedinghaus will graduate from USF in May and will begin his tenure as a student in the LECOM School of Dental Medicine in the fall.

7 Replies to “Carter Bedinghaus, Marketing”

  1. Carter is a amazing young man with great vision and great strategy that will help him achieve his goals in life. He is a young man with great family values and has a load of family support. I am truly blessed to know Carter and wish him all the best in his life endeavors.
    For Life.

  2. I coached him and he has always displayed leadership, tenacity and concern for others. He will be an impactful man very soon.

  3. Carter has always been a person to strive for success but puts his family and community above all. Entering a room with Carter in it you will experience happy vibes from him and he is always trying to make sure everyone feels welcomed and is having a good time.

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