Junayed Jahangir, Finance and Accounting

Junayed Jahangir is a leader among student leaders. He is also an aspiring business entrepreneur who wants to use the power of machine learning and cloud technology to solve the age-old issue facing every college campus: the lack of parking.

Jahangir is one of 27 businesses selected for the USF Student Innovation Incubator program. Through the U-park app, he wants to help college students find parking by allowing users to locate available spots with real-time data.

Bringing practical solutions to everyday problems is just one of Jahangir’s goals. “My proudest achievements revolved around applying my knowledge in professional and entrepreneurial endeavors. Since my freshman year, I have focused on giving back to the community through leadership and service.”

Jahangir, who speaks four languages, is on track to graduate in late 2022 as a double major in finance and accounting.

During his time at USF, he’s led his peers. As a sophomore, he was a residential assistant in Summit Hall where he regularly checked in on the academic and mental well-being of 40 college students. And in 2020, he graduated from the inaugural class of the Tampa Bay Collegiate Leadership program.

Currently, Jahangir is the USF Student Senate President and oversees more than 90 elected student representatives across USF’s three campuses. 

He combines service and community with an eye toward a greater good. Jahangir sits on the Sustainability and Innovation committee of United Way Suncoast.

This summer he will intern as a consultant for one of the world’s top consulting firms, Ernst & Young.

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