Jonathan Borelly Gerlein, Marketing

Jonathan Borelly Gerlein has been called Mr. USF – literally. He won the Mr. USF scholarship pageant in 2020. He learned of the competition from his involvement in the Center for Student Involvement, where he serves as vice president of programming. He leads three teams who organize weekly events, all related to getting fellow students involved on campus and in the community. Borelly was the lead for Bulls Night Out, handling everything from recruiting and managing volunteers to event logistics to branding. He also planned the 2021 Running with the Bulls Parade and despite a disappointing cancellation of the homecoming parade due to inclement weather, says he learned a lot about perseverance and adaptability from that project.  

His involvement has not come at the expense of academics or professional development. Borelly, a marketing major with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a minor in information systems management, Borelly has a 3.93 grade point average and his name has appeared on the dean’s list for six consecutive semesters. Additionally, Borelly is pursuing a certificate in visualization and design from the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications. 

Borelly also serves as an intern at Chief Outsiders, a fractional CMO firm with 100+ marketing consultants. Borelly, who earned HubSpot certification earlier this year, helps with social media, conducts competitor research and helps manage website content.

An international student from Colombia, Borelly speaks two languages. He has been a member of the American Marketing Association and is a peer leader in the Corporate Mentor Program serving first-generation college students.

67 Replies to “Jonathan Borelly Gerlein, Marketing”

  1. Merece el premio por su inteligencia, capacidades de liderazgo, actitud, buen ejemplo y trabajo

  2. Deserves to be recognized for his leadership and academic achievements, he is very capable and talented. I hope he wins given the effort and discipline he has placed on this project. Love him!! ❤️🥰

  3. Jonathan Borelly Gerlain, “the best of the best”. Smart, charismatic and dedicated. He deserves to win.

  4. I’ve know Jonathan since he was born to my best friend Maria Alex, he has been since highschool a born leader, intelligent, charming, the best friend, son and brother anyone can have.
    Very proud of Jonathan!!

  5. Muchas felicidades por tan Grande logro muchos éxitos que Dios te guíe y te llene de bendiciones

  6. He is a pretty good student and he made a lot of activities for the students differents to the academic ones

  7. Jonathan’s leadership, determination, adaptability, involvement, and willingness to serve others as well as his academics accomplishments make him an asset, not only to any educational institution but to any company he becomes a part of. Knowing the American culture through his teachers since he was a little kid while he was raised in a Latin American country and the fact that he is fully bilingual, both in English and Spanish, alongside with his empathy for other people’s needs and his natural born creativity will always be a plus in his career to achieve the best of both worlds. I wish Jonathan all the best!!!

  8. Jhonathan es una persona de un corazón hermoso, talentoso, con un gran sentido de la responsabilidad, y se ha destacado siempre por conseguir y cumplir sus metas! Espero disfrutar en un futuro verse ganar un Oscar!

  9. It is in his blood. His Grandfather was a famous Legislator in Colombia & his family includes engineers, successful businessmen & entrepreneurs.

  10. Johnatan is the best candidate. He is very intelligent, hard working, bilingual and a great marketing leader!

  11. Jonathan is a student who, due to his abilities and dedication to everything he does at USF, deserves the distinction.

  12. Jonathan is a dedicated and talented student with a great sense of responsibility and commitment to success. He certainly deserves this distinction.

  13. Jonathan is a well rounded and dedicated student with a great sense of commitment to his professional career. He really deserves the distinction of the most remarkable student at USF.

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