Samantha Moffett, Master of of Science in Marketing

Creativity is a recurring theme in Samantha Moffett’s list of professional and personal pursuits. Whether it’s dancing as a member of the Golden Bulls Dance Team or writing blog content to boost traffic on a website, being creative has always been her outlet.

Moffett is in the USF Muma College of Business’ Master of Science in Marketing program with a concentration in digital marketing and brand management. The graduate program allows her to combine her two passions: creativity and business.

Moffett is already a USF alumna, having earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a concentration in advertising in 2019.

Returning to USF as a graduate student has given her the opportunity to build impactful relationships with first-generation undergraduate business students through the Collier Student Success Center’s Corporate Mentor Program. As an advisor to over 100 students, she helps to organize networking events, resume review sessions, mock interviews, as well as corporate tours with businesses in the marketing, finance, and technology sector.

Through mentorship, she has become a support system for students and can provide critical life business skills, such as money mastery, decision making, or goal setting.

“Witnessing how mentorship and professional development can impact students’ confidence and sense of purpose has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” she said.

Outside of USF, she works as a content coordinator with Leverage Digital Marketing where she manages an SEO writing team, writes articles, and helps with brand strategy and online reputation management for more than 15 different brands.

15 Replies to “Samantha Moffett, Master of of Science in Marketing”

  1. Having multiple classes with Samantha Moffett, her work ethic and creativity has no bounds. She truly is inspiring, not only as a business creative, but with her creative writing as well. Love an artistic, business woman

  2. Samantha shows unmatched dedication for making an impact and pursuing her career. Seeing that level of focus and determination is what inspires others to do the same.

  3. I know Sam personally and she is one of the most talented, caring, intelligent people I know. She works incredibly hard and is a trustworthy individual, in and out of work. She so deserves this!

  4. Samantha is an incredible young woman. She has an unmatched work ethic and dedication to her course studies and job responsibilities. She is committed to her goals and yet flexible and always aspiring to learn and improve herself and her skills. Samantha will be a very valuable asset to any employer and client who hires her. She has always strivedto be the best and is a loyal and dependable friend.

  5. I’ve met Samatha back in high school, and she always been sweet and humble since day one. I know she deserves this reward because ever since i’ve met her she always shown lots of her dedication and determination, when she has a set goal set there’s nothing that can stop her from reaching her goals.

    Sososo very proud of you Sam!

  6. Along with all of her incredible attributes listed above, Samantha is a very thoughtful, caring and kind person. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Samantha for approximately 5 years now and I am so impressed with how much respect she has for others. I wish her all the best!

  7. Samantha is a very dedicated and professional individual in anything she does. I would highly recommend her for this honor.

  8. A beautiful soul with a beautiful spirit. She is strong and devoted! A highly ambitious woman who possesses all the characteristics of a remarkable student and human.

  9. Strong role model and future leader. We bowed more creative and smart women in leadership positions and Samantha is one of them!

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