Alexis-Brooke “A-B” LoBianco, Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program

A-B LoBianco is a graduate student pursuing an MBA and a Master of Science in Sport & Entertainment Management.

Throughout her life, LoBianco has been designing events as a platform for perspectives and experiences that bring people together.

Initially from Irvine, California, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Operations Management, and two certificates, in three years at the University of Colorado Boulder. During her time with the Leeds School of Business, she leveraged the stories of her peers while serving on student governments and student-led executive boards. Ultimately, she found her passion while studying with the Leeds Business of Sports Program, igniting the spark that drove her to Tampa.

Since arriving in 2021, she has “come to adore the fires and desires behind the fans who come through Amalie Arena and Raymond James Stadium while working professional sporting events and concerts.”

LoBianco has also been a leader as the First-Year Ambassador, helping to bridge the cultural interests of her graduate program’s students and faculty.

With Tampa as her classroom, she has loved volunteering with the Tampa Bay Sports Commission under event staff and hospitality, and all she has learned through interning with the USF Athletics Event Management department.

Through her ambitions, LoBianco is proud to live by her guiding principles- serve with a “why,” empower the community, share authentic experiences, and value legacy. Most importantly, she cherishes a foundation of support for and from those she calls family.

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