Rachel Rozet, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Described as conscientious, bright, and hardworking, Rachel Rozet was never one to shy away from a challenge. As both a business analytics student and a Judy Genshaft Honors College student, with two additional minors, Rozet has maintained her streak of straight-As while balancing her professional and community involvement on campus.

Rozet has made significant contributions to the Judy Genshaft Honors College by serving as an Honors Foundations Peer Mentor. In this role, she taught a section of Honors Foundations, a course that helps first-year students transition smoothly into college life.

She was recently the vice president of pledge education for the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. She planned and executed the fraternity’s pledge program, ensuring students interested in joining would fully understand and commit to the group. Rozet says this experience helped her grow as a leader.

The “position helped challenge both my public speaking and leadership skills,” she said. “I cultivated a welcoming environment for new pledges and rose as a figurehead for what Delta Sigma Pi stands for.”

The fraternity is a beacon for professionalism and community service. Guiding pledges through modules on the fraternity’s history and, eventually, its cherished traditions was one of her most gratifying experiences.

Outside of USF, Rozet worked as a contracted project management support specialist for Masonite International Corporation in Ybor City. In that role, she maintained and updated data for infrastructure and software projects. She will return to the company in the summer for another IT position.

10 Replies to “Rachel Rozet, Business Analytics and Information Systems”

  1. Rachel is an outstanding role model! She is super detail oriented and is up for any task. She is constantly exceeding expectations and is a very strong leader. I cannot think of anyone else better fit for such an award except for Rachel Rozet.

  2. Rachel is a great example of a extraordinary business woman who is making a difference in this World. She is making great strides for young women and is accomplished in many ways.

  3. She is the most talented young woman I have ever met. Watching her grow up into this amazing person has been a true pleasure.

  4. Rachel is a passionate and driven young lady, whom is well versed and I’m sure always ready for additional challenges.

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