Chase Crist, Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management

Chase Crist has a hand in sports every day.

Whether it’s in her coordinator role at Fanatics Brands or as a graduate assistant for the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management program, she has a front-row seat to promoting the sports industry.

As the sponsorship services coordinator for Fanatics Brands, she runs the business-to-business sales for major league teams in the MLB, NFL, MLS, NBA, and NHL. She helped generate $2.7 million in sales in six months.

As a graduate assistant, she helps to promote and recruit students for the nationally ranked Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management program.   

Not only is Crist a student in the program, but she also serves as the director of community and alumni relations for her cohort. In that role, she helps coordinate guest speakers and networking opportunities to connect her classmates with the program’s alumni.

While Crist loves sports, she needed to find an outlet that had nothing to do with athletics. That’s when she found Come to Jail with Me, a volunteer group that makes weekly visits to local juvenile detention centers.

She said the experience has been a raw, life-changing one. She hopes her visits make the juveniles feel like they are seen, heard, and loved, and that there is hope for the future.  

“My heart breaks every time I walk in there and I started this journey hoping to be a light for them,” she said. “But the reality of it is, every single time I leave, I am better because I spent time with them.”

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