Fabrizio Petrozzi Yanez, Business Management

As a freshman on the St. Petersburg campus, Fabrizio Petrozzi chose to participate in the Innovation Scholars program because it provided opportunities for students to explore their interests early on without committing the time and effort typically needed for an internship.

That exploration led him to become a resident assistant for USF Housing, where he supervised a building on the St. Petersburg campus with 370 residents.  He responded to emergencies, handled conflicts and led mediation efforts, and enforced policies. He also planned events, fostered a sense of community, and strived to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for those who called the dorm home.

Academics matter to the Judy Genshaft Honors College student, evidenced by his 3.98 grade point average and his participation in nearly a dozen intellectual and cultural events designed to broaden students’ understanding of varying disciplines and other perspectives.  He participated in another dozen such events through the St. Pete campus’ Chancellor’s Leadership Council.

The bilingual student put his research skills to work outside of campus, serving as a survey translator for a team conducting an inquiry into hurricane evacuations. He translated surveys and worked closely with the team lead to ensure that consistent, appropriate terminology was used.

He began his USF experience by exploring and his collegiate career has come full circle as he is now a mentor in the UMatter program, providing students with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to explore higher education and campus life. He has supported 13 students in UMatter.

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