Kha Do, Business Analytics and Information Systems and Econometrics and Quantitative Economics

Kha Do believes leadership is a valuable skill best used to inspire and guide others toward a common goal. That means showing others how to apply data science and machine learning to solve real-world problems.

Among his most useful data science projects: he built a machine learning model that predicted the availability of rooms for reservations at the USF library, a fake news classifier, and a Parkinson’s disease classifier.

As vice president of the Data Science Club at USF, he introduced over 100 students to the basic pipeline of a machine learning project by co-hosting workshops using Python. 

While machine learning is important, he also believes in building stronger cultural bonds. He co-founded the Vietnamese International Students Association at USF as a way to help new international students from his home country adjust to college life in the U.S.

Do personally experienced culture shock and homesickness when he first arrived in America and is hoping a stronger connection will make students feel more welcome and supported. 

The USF senior is on track to graduate in May and earn dual degrees in business analytics and information systems and quantitative economics and econometrics. 

This summer, he will be a data management intern with Bank of America. Do has interned at the bank since 2022, serving as a data analyst, analyzing predictive indicators and identifying key drivers for the most impactful social media campaigns by examining data of more than 20 million mentions of the company.

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