Maria del Carmen Perez-Soto, Business Analytics and Information Systems

When faced with hardships, Maria del Carmen Perez-Soto doesn’t turn away. Instead, she adapts, takes the uncomfortable route, and finds passion in purpose. That purpose is to create an environment in the technology industry where all women, like herself, can thrive while preserving their identities.

A senior in the undergraduate Business Analytics and Information Systems program, Perez-Soto is set to graduate in May. Among her proudest accomplishments, she completed internships at Goldman Sachs and Americanas SA, served in university-wide leadership roles, and volunteered within the local community.

As a USF Ambassador, she is an official representative of USF where she advocates for students. As the director of administration, she leads logistics and manages event attendance for all Ambassadors on the Tampa campus.

She also serves as a resident assistant at Horizon Hall, where she engages with students and supports their transition to college “so that they can find their own purpose.”

It’s in that role that she has grown into a confident, well-respected leader and mentor among her peers and residents.

“Maria brings a restorative lens to help her residents solve problems when they seek her out. She is both creative and reflective when engaging with her peers,” writes one of her residential life supervisors.

Perez-Soto is proud of all that she has accomplished at USF and is grateful for the opportunities the university has given her. After graduation, she will join Carnival Cruise Line as an analyst in the company’s Miami office.


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