Pedro Breviglieri Nader, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Pedro Breviglieri Nader was always encouraged to think of how things should be. That driving principle pushed him to take a gap year after high school where he traveled the world to find his purpose. While he lived alone in Europe and worked on his own web design company, he found that purpose: he wants to influence change by helping others achieve their full potential.

The business analytics and information systems major aims to graduate in May as a King O’Neal scholar, an honor that recognizes a 4.0 grade point average. Throughout his time at USF, he’s held true to his purpose and centered himself on being a selfless leader who gives back to the community.

In his first year, he joined HEXA Consulting, the first Florida chapter of Junior Enterprise. The student-run business gave Nader the opportunity to help local businesses develop their websites and digital marketing strategies.

Other servant leadership roles include mentoring first-year students in the Bulls Business Community and offering a helping hand to international students who were finding a home away from home at USF, as he did.

He completed two consecutive co-ops at Bristol-Myers Squibb and an internship at Goldman Sachs. He was able to use his tech skills in business intelligence and machine learning to develop an automation tool that eliminated about two hours of daily work. And as graduation approaches, he’s already accepted a job as a technology consultant for Ernst & Young, where he will be helping businesses achieve their full potential.

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