My Nguyen, Accounting and Quantitative Economics & Econometrics

My Nguyen grew up in a mountainous region where ethnic minorities lived and learning a foreign language was unattainable. But that is when she heard her first English words and fell in love with the language.

She describes listening to those sentimental English words as “an artistic symphony to my artless ears.” That love for the English language sparked her interest to travel abroad and pursue college in the U.S.

Once USF offered her the Green and Gold Presidential and Global Experience Scholarship, she knew exciting personal and professional opportunities awaited her in America.

Nguyen asserted herself and took on strong leadership roles. In her first year, she volunteered as a finance consultant for HEXA Consulting, a student-run club that offers local businesses finance and marketing services. After impressing club leaders, she serves as the HR director of HEXA. 

Her passion for consulting pushed her to join the Innovative Consulting Conference of Junior Enterprise USA where she reached the top three finalists in the Smart Banking JE case competition.

This summer, she will serve as a Discovery intern at Deloitte’s Tampa office. At USF, she works in the Student Business Services office where she administers budget databases of USF student organizations.

With each academic and professional accomplishment, Nguyen has seen herself become more self-confident, ambitious, and determined to achieve her goals. A far cry from that shy, reserved first-year college student raised in a remote, mountainous region in Vietnam. And she is prouder than ever for loving English.

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