Ngoc Phan, Finance

Ngoc Phan is a recipient of the Green & Gold Presidential scholarship and came to USF from Vietnam. She speaks five languages, including Vietnamese, English, French, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. 

Phan has served as an intern twice, once with the Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank and with FPT Securities Joint Stock Company. At USF, she serves as the marketing manager for Junior Enterprise USA, vice president of the Accounting Society, and treasurer of the Economics Scholars Society.  Through these organizations, Phan works with firms to plan and host networking and recruiting events for students, aiming to help them explore careers and gain access to valuable resources.

Cultural experiences and community service is not new to her. Phan has participated in charitable and educational student organizations since high school. She believes that, in her words, “small actions could make our society better, as long as we thrive to raise awareness of more people.” As a result of her mindset and efforts, she was also awarded a fully funded diplomatic trip as one of 15 national delegates from each South East Asian country to go to Japan for a cultural exchange. The exchange aimed to increase students’ knowledge of and respect for each nation and to boost cooperation activities between the countries. She presented about Vietnam to the other delegates and attended courtesy calls at the municipality office. In addition, she met with the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs to share and represent the youth’s voice about their contribution to the future society.

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